Debts of the shipowner of motor vessels "Anatoly Kolesov" and "Anatoly Churinov" are recovered


In August 2015 lawyers of Marine Legal Bureau were requested for debts recovery from the owner of mv "Anatoly Kolesov" and mv "Anatoly Churinov”.
First we were requested by the crewing manager in connection with debts in his favour and the reluctance to cover.  
For debt collection the MLB lawyers were forced to arrange arrest of one of above vessels in France.
As a result shipowner was forced to sign the agreement on terms demanded by MLB, to accept entire amount of the debt and later to cover full amount of the debt and interest to the crewing manager totally in amount more than US$ 105,000.

After successful completion of this work some seamen of vessels "Anatoly Kolesov" and "Anatoly Churinov" came to MLB with requests to recover outstanding wages.
Till the end of 2016 we were requested totally by 8 seafarers from Russia and Ukraine regarding outstanding wages.  

As a result of painstaking work with documents, various meetings and discussions with the owner, arranged arrest of mv «Anatoly Churinov» in Greece, outstanding debt has been paid  by the shipowner in full amount together with interest in total amount more than US$ 120,000. 

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